Fareham based companies Nexus Independent Financial Advisers Limited and Nexus Investment Managers Limited have entered administration after the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) placed restrictions on the firms.

The Authority had serious concerns that the firms’ sole Director may have taken a total of £2,072,242.80 in unauthorised and/or inappropriate withdrawals from clients of the firms.

The company has also been subject to complaints in relation to poor advice or their failure to provide regular reviews whilst charging fees for their services, which were subject to Financial Ombudsman decisions.

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Please note that Nexus Independent Financial Advisers and Nexus Investment Managers are in no way associated, affiliated or have any connection with Nexus Insurance Brokers, Nexus Financial Services and Nexus Financial Advisers  – which are all part of the Dubai-based Nexus Group or have any connection with Nexus Global IFA Network or Blacktower Financial Management Group.