Did you invest in Asia Plantation Capital between February 2011 & June 2012?

Have you been struggling to get in touch and noticed that the website is no longer up and running?

Plantation Capital offered investors the opportunity to benefit from sustainable projects with attractive yields, giving customers the chance to contribute to protecting the environment.

Products on offer were Teak, Agarwood & Bamboo investments in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Pension Reviews

Quite often, IPI Services, a lead generating company based in Spain, made the initial cold calls – offering free pension reviews.

This was followed up by a phone call from a pension consultant who offered green investments in carbon credit, biomass, land or forestry.

Pension transfers were arranged into SIPPs such as Brooklands, Lifetime, Pointon York, CPPT (Central Tax & Trustee Planning) for clients choosing forestry investments in Plantation Capital.

Plantation Capital PLC issued a Due Diligence Report as part of their commitment to raising standards within the investment sector.

Unbeknown to many, Porta Verde Financial Services Ltd, may have been responsible for Plantation Capital’s actions between February 2011 and June 2012.

Unsuitable Pension Transfer or Investment Advice

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You might not realise that you may even have a case if:

·      a previous complaint against the Financial Advisor was time barred.

·      the network explained that they could not be held responsible for the actions of their advisor, as they were part of another business when arranging the investment.

·      the network explained that the advisor acted out of his contract when arranging the investment.

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