If you had dealings with Better Retirement Group you may be due compensation.

The company and its Appointed Representatives arranged pension transfers and advised clients to invest their pension funds via SVS Securities Plc.

Better Retirement Compensation

The Financial Ombudsman Services (FOS) has reviewed recent complaints and decided that out of 21 cases the firm failed to act in its client’s best interest in 16 of them.

In some of those cases the firm arranged pension transfers to the overseas provider, Momentum Pensions Limited, using Discretionary Fund Manager SVS to arrange the underlying investments.

At the time, SVS Securities was a wealth management and stockbroking firm, offering a range of services to its clients, including advisory stockbroking, online share dealing, foreign exchange trading and discretionary fund management services.

SVS Securities went into special administration and the administrators arranged the transfers of the majority of the company’s clients to financial advice and investment services company, ITI Capital.

The client, in this case, lost a substantial amount of their pension provisions.

The company, which became authorised in 2001, has had a number of different trading names over the years, and some of those may sound familiar:


The SIPP Club, incorporated in 2012, has previously been linked to another failed financial advice firm, WSW Financial Services Ltd, also trading as Easy Financial Planning.

WSW also got into trouble for arranging occupational pension transfers into Self invested Personal Pensions. The firm took the approach to not give advice on the underlying investments, which were usually arranged by other parties.

The alternative investments were often high risk and unregulated such as Plantation Capital (Bamboo & Agarwood), Harlequin Property or later Greyfriars Portfolio 6 or Dolphin Capital.

When the firm closed doors, the SIPP Club became a trading style of Best Retirement Group.

Better Retirement Group Ltd have traded under the following names:

Annuity Direct
Arlington Financial
Better Care
Better Drawdown
Better Equity Release
Better Financial Planning
Better Financial Solutions
Better Investment
Better Pension
Better Retirement Income
Better Retirement Solutions
Better Wealth Management
Burrows & Cummins
CLAASS Financial Planning
Clancy LeSurf
Directly Financial
Directly Financial Limited
Financial Strategy Limited
JTD Financial Ltd
JTD Financial Services
Life & Health Direct
Marwood Financial
Millenial Wealth
Money Advice Partnership
MPI Financial
Pension Tracing Service
Pension Vesting Service
Retirement Choices
Term Direct
The Pensions Bureau Limited
William Burrows Annuities

Review Your Transactions

If you had dealings with any of those firms you should review all the transactions which were made and get in touch with us if you have any concerns about the advice you received or the way your investments are performing.

You may have suffered losses, even if your annual statements show that your money is safe.

Clients usually contact us when they are close to retirement and are suddenly being told that they can’t access their pension funds – as the investments can’t be sold or have gone into liquidation.

Your annual pension forecast will show growth, when the provider should state that the forecast is not based on fund performance.

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