Attanta Limited has had its regulatory licence revoked.

The regulatory notice states that the firm failed to submit annual returns or pay its annual fees and has therefore lost its rights to give financial advice.

pension switching advice

The company came onto our radar for its failures to act in its client’s best interests when arranging pension transfers and investments.

In some instances, the unregulated introducer, called IPS Invest Ltd, approached clients to undertake a review of their pension arrangements.  It then referred them to Attanta (trading as Harrison Charles Wealth Management) for financial advice. You can find the FOS decision here.

Pension Transfers

The firm’s general approach had been to advise customers to consolidate their old pensions into one place, a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) such as Pointon York (now Curtis Banks), Intelligent Money or Easy SIPP (Gaudi) and subsequently to arrange high-risk investments via discretionary fund managers (DFM’s) like

·       Reyker Securities

·       Independent Portfolio Managers Ltd

·       SVS Securities

·       Strand Capital

·       Saxo Capital Markets

The Financial Ombudsman Services had found that the firm had, on more than one occasion, failed to act in its client’s best interests and was ordered to pay compensation.

Pension Switching Advice

A switch should always be worth the movement away from the previous pension arrangement and the new product should have the prospects of being better than the previous one.

If this was not the case, there would be no point in switching and no justification in incurring the costs associated with the transfer or the underlying investments.

And whilst the company tried to blame the DFM for the poor investment performance and distance itself from the actions of the DFM’s, they were still responsible for giving unsuitable advice.

Whilst the FCA register still referred to the firm as Neovision Wealth Limited, with the address at 2 Crawford Square, Londonderry, BT48 7HR, the name on companies house was reverted back to Attanta, in November 2022.

E-mail addresses are no longer in use and letters are being returned to sender.

If any of this sounds familiar and you’ve lost money and had dealings with the firm under any of its trading names;

Harrison Charles Wealth Management

TJM Wealth Management Limited

Amazing Mortgages Ltd

Avoncourt Mortgages Ltd

Lumiere Wealth (London) Ltd

Providence Wealth Ltd

You should seek advice, especially if the FSCS will reject cases against the DFM’s first as any complaint against the advising IFA must be exhausted.

Impartial Claims Advice

We may be able to assist you with the recovery of any losses you’ve suffered if you had a SIPP with any of the firms we have mentioned, even if you have tried to claim yourself and your IFA or SIPP due diligence complaint has been rejected.

Why don’t you let us review the transactions made – and if we can’t help, you won’t pay a fee.

You may find that we can help where others couldn’t – and not only have we got the customer feedback to prove it, we also charge a fraction of what solicitors charge for the work they carry out.

You should also get in touch with us if you have any concerns about the advice you’ve received or the way your investments are performing.

Most clients don’t understand that they may have suffered losses, as their annual statements show that the pension fund is still valued at purchase price.

We have been fighting your corner for years and may just know a trick or two to help you finally obtain compensation!

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