You may be one of the people who purchased a unit at The Resort Group (TRG) outright.

Originally, you may have invested cash – with the promise of a mortgage to be arranged by TRG on completion. When that didn’t crystallise, you were left with either the option of losing your deposit or being sold the idea of investing via your pension instead.

The Resort Group then made benefactor payments and generously returned some of your deposits and the Taxman topped your account up when SIPP providers such as Rowanmoor (Rowanmoor Personal Pensions Limited) claimed your income tax back in order for you to either buy a unit outright or own a percentage share with either a friend or family member.

Clients Have Lost Money

We find that the IFAs that usually arranged these pension transfers were C.I.B (Life & Pensions) Limited, Archer Bramley or Money Wise – there are many more – if your IFA is not listed it doesn’t mean we haven’t had claims against them.

No doubt the most frustrating part is that not only did TRG fail to make the promised returns, but you are also left being responsible for paying I.U.P tax in Cape Verde, annual SIPP fees and charges, potentially annual tax returns for your family pension trust and whatever else they throw at you.

And you are approaching your retirement or you are over 55 and would like to take some money from your pension – and you are told you can’t have it!

We Can Help You Claim

We are now able to assist clients who have had previous claims rejected on the grounds that they had no losses due to the investment valuations provided by TRG.

We never thought it was a good idea to ask the fox in the hen house to confirm how many chickens are left!

Why don’t you call us and find out how you may finally be able to not only obtain compensation, but also leave the whole mess behind you?

And if you have not been fully compensated (interim payment or otherwise) we may be able to assist you further!

Check our customers’ feedback below and see what our clients have got to say, before finally picking up that phone, instead of hoping this mess will resolve itself.

Some of our clients are suffering from depression, anxiety and financial hardship all because of the actions of unscrupulous individuals. We are here to fight your corner and put an end to the worry.