ITI Capital have now taken accounts over from SVS Securities.

The new team have been contacting clients explaining that they are concerned that they may have been mis-sold their investments!

We have found that they are suggesting that clients progress claims via a firm called SJS Legal, and recommending that they do not engage with any sales broker, especially those who may have sold the investments, on a no-win no fee basis.

Check The Charges

Whilst SJS no doubt offers a valuable service, it seems that ITI is forgetting to explain how much the firm will charge, how much commission they themselves will be receiving for the introduction and that any client should shop around for the best deals out there – if they are not confident enough to progress any complaint directly themselves!

Here at ACL we don’t make deals with companies, we don’t buy data and we don’t give anyone a cut of your money! We would rather pass the discounts directly on the person who lost the money in the first place!

Please note, some people used Smile (Independent Portfolio Managers) to manage their portfolio or even had an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) involved. These may need to be pursued before taking any claim to the FSCS.

Feel free to call us for an informal chat and find out more about the claims process