The long-awaited Ombudsman ruling has finally been made, ordering Rowanmoor to pay compensation to their clients for their lack of due diligence and failures to act in the clients’ best interests.

High Risk Investments

Whilst Rowanmoor accepted business from numerous IFA firms over the years, it is now clear that an unusual large number of clients were introduced by C.I.B Life & Pensions Limited (CIB).

Not only that, but the business CIB was introducing large volumes of high-risk business for overseas property developments to Rowanmoor.

It was disclosed that unregulated parties were also involved in promoting/marketing the Resort Group (TRG) & Harlequin Property investments.

In total, Rowanmoor accepted 1,387 introductions from CIB, which accounted for 26.90% of all business received by Rowanmoor during 2009-2013.

The Resort Group

The TRG investment was high-risk and esoteric, so would have only be deemed suitable for a small proportion of investors.

It has come to light that Rowanmoor was aware of was the involvement of unregulated parties in promoting the high risk TRG investment.

Most of the investments in TRG were deposit based, with further funds required on completion of the property development. So, the risks were heightened not only because the properties may not have been built, but also because customers would need to find additional cash at some point when the properties were built.

The Ombudsman concluded that Rowanmoor knew that the kind of business that CIB was introducing was risky and that heightened caution needed to be exercised when dealing with these kinds of applications, even if there was a regulated advice firm involved.

They were ordered to pay compensation now!

We hope for the benefit of the investors, that the firm will not be placed into administration so that they can be fully compensated for their losses – even if they have already made a claim against the individual financial advice firms, such as CIB.

Claim Compensation

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