The Covid pandemic has hit the travel industry hard. Especially if the companies have already been struggling with payments and reservations.

If you are a fractional owner with TRG Property you must by fed up by now.

Resort Group

Did you invest in The Resort Group Global,  Cape Verde?

Were you promised interest or rental payments from fractional ownership of the MELIÃ Dunas and MELIÃ Llana Beach Resort & Spa which have never made it to you?

Or are you in the situation where you can’t get out of your SIPP, as your provider is still giving the investment a value?

And that has not just been the amount invested – but no – they explained that your investment is now worth more than it was at the beginning…

Compensation at Last

But now it’s time to act. Investments may finally be valued nil!

That does not only mean you may be able to receive compensation for your losses, or a top up payment, but you may also be able to say goodbye to your SIPP for good!

Why don’t you get in touch to discuss your options? We may be able to help you to recover more money as well as  saving you payments of annual fees and charges.