Hartley Pensions previously acquired the Lifetime SIPP, even though they had been the administrators; part of the Greyfriars' SIPP portfolio and now the GPC SIPP.

The sale included the transfer of GPC SIPPs and small self-administered schemes (SSASs) which were held by the Guardian Pension Trustees.

The firm administered around 3,200 SIPPs and SSASs, holding more than 8,000 property assets and comprising a total investment value of £130m.

We have always found both companies very helpful when it comes to providing information, but every takeover brings its own challenges.

Most customers who get in touch with us are dissatisfied when they continue to receive ever increasing bills for annual fees and charges – even if the investments have failed to produce an income or have been wiped out!

It would be wise to get in touch if you have been suffering investment losses or would like a review of the relevant transactions as we may be able to help.