The newest scam is out, letters and e-mails are being sent and calls are being made from a company explaining that they are from Dolphin/Germany Property Group/M.G.E Holdings Ltd.

German Property Group Ltd
Address: 69 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, B18 6EW
Telephone: 0121 517 0145
Company Number: 06148897

Letters and e-mail may state the following:

As per your conversation with one of our advisors, I am writing to provide you with further clarity in regard to the personal settlement figure which has been reviewed for you from the final aspect of the liquidation process pertaining to the German Property Group bond/loan note that you hold.  

My previous correspondence outlined that we were unable to negotiate a sale of German Property Group Ltd, which in turn would have resulted in a full takeover by a third-party entity. We therefore have been left with no option but to exercise a sale of majority of the company’s assets, this has provided us with an equity amount totalling £280m. This amount will solely be used to liquidate a small portion of our client’s bonds via our early termination programme.  

After satisfying our largest creditors in the form of our existing bank loan and overdraft fees equating to £248m and our preferential creditors who were owed a further £8.6m we have been left with a balance of £23.4m as liquid funds which can be processed to our clients still holding bonds. More importantly, after a comprehensive review of our company accounts by trawling through sales records, tax receipts and balance books, we are now in a position to identify the exact approval amount which can be processed to each individual creditor by way of a personal settlement. 

Our records have shown that of the available £23.4m an amount of £xxx,000.00 has been reserved for your personal settlement.  

Your personal settlement is to be claimed via M.G.E Holdings Ltd who are the third-party financial intermediary managing the financial aspect of this liquidation process. Please contact them on 0207 126 8232 quoting your unique reference number: 5771/66A with regards to receiving your personal settlement. Please consider this a matter of urgency as failure to act proactively upon receipt of this letter will result in you waiving your right to a personal settlement figure, resulting in the reserved amount being divided amongst the remaining creditors on an equal basis.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries. 

This Is A Scam

We urge you not to pay these scammers any money – please get in touch with the German insolvency administrator, BBL Brockdorff & Partner (BBL). You can contact BBL directly at, or visit, where you have the option to register and submit a claim online.

In addition, if you would like to press charges or appear as a witness, you may contact the German Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is in charge of criminal proceedings. The address is Volgersweg 67, 30175 Hanover.

Visit their website for other ways to contact them. Please give file number NZS 5413 Js 12435/20 as a reference.