Have you had dealings with Portal and they failed to respond to your telephone calls or e-mails?

Have you been waiting for callbacks to discuss your pension funds but your calls have never been returned?

Have they promised to investigate the circumstances which led to the winding up of the investments made within your Transact or Novia SIPP, declaring that they will pursue those involved?

Or are you one of the clients who has been promised goodwill gesture payments over the years until the time that the investments became liquid again and you could finally access your retirement funds?

The company, previously also called Portafina, treated customers unfairly over a number of years, to the extent that the Financial Ombudsman Services upheld hundreds of complaints against them.

Not only was some of their initial advice deemed unsuitable, but the company also continued to treat customers unfairly by failing to settle complaints promptly, failing to provide proper loss calculations or failing to compensate clients all.

It has now come to light by way of automated e-mails issued by a third-party company, that in the beginning of October last year the last person had left the company and that, since then, no correspondence has been answered.

FSCS Claims

A winding up petition was finally filed in January 2023 paving the way for Portal Financial Services claims to be submitted to the FSCS.

If you have suffered losses by transferring your pension following the company’s advice there may be a way for you to recover all or part of your losses by progressing a claim for compensation.

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