An e-mail was issued by Harlequin yesterday afternoon, explaining that the Crown Court had ordered the firm to stop providing investor updates.

Investors are contacting us because they are concerned.

Harlequin Property Court Order

The reason for the court order was that many investors were still trusting  Harlequin Property and its CEO, David Ames, despite fraud charges against him.

These investors have still not taken action, by either terminating their contracts and requesting refunds of their deposits or pursuing the financial advisers who arranged their pension transfers in the first place.

KPMG’s Role

We have had a number of investors contacting us because they are worried about KPMG’s involvement, on the back of Harlequin investor updates implying the KPMG was out to destroy the Harlequin Group.

Whilst any Insolvency or Bankruptcy Practitioner will charge fees, one must assume – given the fact that they are an international auditing firm – they could not be influenced by Harlequin, but only act in the best interest of the creditors. We should also not forget that it was Harlequin’s management team that decided it was best for their image to involve a reputable business, rather then a firm which could be accused of receiving bribes…

Act Now To Recoup Your Loss

So, hopefully people are now ready to start looking for help, as time may be running out. There are time limitations in place affecting your right to claim.

We urge you to seek advice now and find out what your options are.  Remember, you should never agree to pay any upfront fees.