Our latest update comes now that some of the SIPP providers are reducing the valuation of the original investment into Dolphin ( previously Dolphin Trust / Dolphin Capital GmbH) to 10% of purchase price.

They explain that the Trustees are not knowingly allowed to overvalue pension schemes and, as a true valuation for the Loan Note investments cannot be obtained, the value of all Dolphin Capital Loan Notes will be recorded as being 10% of their original purchase value.

Maybe you should now consider making a pension claim for compensation, as your losses have finally been crystallised.

Grounds Investments

And while you have been worried about your investment and its returns, the people involved have already been busy setting up new businesses.

Instead of concentrating on putting things right for their existing clients – they are setting up new businesses to enhance their cashflow, leaving future clients open to the same loss!

The newest addition is Grounds Investments PLC

Grounds Investments is offering unregulated loan notes and IFISAs paying 3% per year for a 2-year investment or 7% per year for a 5-year investment. Does this remind you of Dolphin’s start up?

By reducing the interest payments to 3% – 7% it no longer sounds too good to be true!

The company aims to raise money for investment in German property. However, it comes as no surprise that Christopher Moss, who is the sole owner and one of two directors of that company is not named on the Grounds Investments plc website.

It may not be obvious but there are links to Dolphin Trust.

He was the director of a Dolphin Trust subsidiary, Dolphin SPV 1 Limited, until shortly after Grounds Investments PLC was incorporated.

Links are also evident between Grounds Real Estate Development AG and Red Rock Wealth Management Limited.  A director on companies’ house was, until recently, Charles Smethurst.

None of these companies are authorised or regulated.

These investments are wholly unsuitable for the standard investor, and if you invest cash or via a SSAS you may lose 100% of your investment!

Claims Advice

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