The firm, based in Wolverhampton lost its permissions in August 2019 after the regulatory body reviewed its business transactions.

The FCA has explained that Fortuna was breaching rules and regulations when placing clients’ investments into unsuitable bonds, which were deemed high risk.

Pension Transfer Advice

The director, Andrew Deeney, set up Fortuna when he was still an adviser of Active Wealth UK, which had been heavily involved in the British Steel Saga.

Pension Transfers

Active Wealth UK was advising British Steel workers to transfer out of their defined benefit pension, after they had been referred by the unregulated introducer Celtic Wealth Management.

Fortuna bought Active Wealth’s client bank after they went into liquidation in February 2018.

The firm had previously been trading as Fidelis Wealth Management Limited and AWG Financial Limited.

Review Your Transactions

We urge you to get those transactions checked out if you had dealings these with any of these firms or advisers.

The regulatory body has strict rules in place and, even if you believe you have signed your rights away, we may still be able to assist with claiming compensation.

In the first instance, you can call our office to have an informal chat with our case managers.