With many Discretionary Fund Managers going into liquidation, Ambulance Chasers have been contacting their clients.

It seems there is a clear trend of company closures – after they have been putting client’s money at risk.


KBW In Liquidation

KBW Associates Ltd closure follows Greyfriars, Horizon Stockbroking, Full Circle Asset Management (FCAM) and Beaufort Securities.

But is it a surprise when the regulator’s analysis of client accounts for CFD firms found 82 per cent of clients had lost money on these products? There was also evidence these losses tended to be higher when sold on an advised basis rather than a non-advised basis.

Whilst some clients may have fully understood the risks associated with the investments and could afford to deal with any losses, we see far too many clients who didn’t.

Choose Carefully

We find it very frustrating when the financial services sector calls us Ambulance Chasers.

At ACL Consultancy we offer a service to clients, helping them recuperate some or all of their losses after things have gone wrong, for a reasonable fee. Clients come to us after they have researched the subject and looked for the best service and the best price.

They need an experienced and knowledgeable third party to argue their case because they didn’t understand why things went wrong in the first place.

Of course, everybody is welcome to do this themselves and free of charge – but have they got the time to carry out the laborious work?

So, if they contact us asking for assistance, we will do our best to help them with their case.

We don’t buy data and we never cold call clients without their consent. Not only is that against regulatory rules, but it is also morally wrong to pay commission to a company for referrals when it was that firm that caused the clients’ losses in the first place!

So, when considering your options make sure you are not going with the firm which called you first.  Do your research and pick a company that is going to offer you the most suitable advice, the most efficient service and the most reasonable fees.