Were you living in the UAE when your Brooklands SIPP pension was moved?

It seems that the majority of enquiries we receive about the Brooklands SIPP (Brooklands Trustees Limited) come from expats – people who may have been living abroad at the time the advice was given or who are actually still based in the UAE or another overseas country.

Pension Transfers

Our research has shown that whilst the overseas regulatory bodies work differently to the UK’s, overseas advisers arranged pension transfers into SIPPs.

Quite often clients had occupational pensions, which had protected benefits.

From our experience the investments were initially placed into Skandia  before being moved again into high risk or unregulated investments such as shares, loan notes or bonds. Investments could have been made via Bonds into schemes such as as Caldora or  LM Investment Management just to name a couple.

Heritage Pensions

In 2016, Heritage Pensions was appointed the new operator of the Brooklands SIPP and IVCM Heritage Trustees Ltd became the new trustee.

You may have not been aware of the transfer to Heritage and you may not have received statements for a while. Don’t let that stop you from making your enquires! You may be entitled to compensation if you were dealing with the firm.