An investigation found Andrew Page, Thomas Ward, Aiden Henderson, Robert Ward and Tristan Freer had failed to act with integrity having either acted dishonestly or recklessly.

Each had been directors of failed financial advice firms and were responsible for providing unsuitable advice to customers, causing them to place their pensions in high-risk financial products in self-invested personal pensions in which Hennessy Jones, an unauthorised firm, had a significant financial interest.

The failed financial advice firms in question were Financial Page Ltd, Henderson Carter Associates Limited, and Bank House Investment Management Limited.

Customers had been referred to them by Hennessy Jones which was also involved in designing the pension advice process used by these firms, resulting in losses of over £50 million for over 2,000 consumers

No reputable financial adviser should recommend that people put their entire pension savings in high-risk investments.

Customers were misled into believing that they would get independent and impartial advice and the advisors were failing.

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