We have spoken to clients who invested in high risk or unregulated schemes with Portal/Portafina and are now struggling to access their pensions.

Whilst they may have had taken some money from their pension at age 55, they had been in touch with Portal/Portafina to ask for further funds to be released.

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When they are contacted by clients asking to release money from their pension, Portal Financial Services staff usually explain that the funds are tied up for 5 to 7 years and that the clients will have to wait.

However, what they may fail to explain is that the funds are illiquid and have lost value – and, worse, that if clients don’t act on receipt of this information they may simply run out of time and find themselves unable to get their money returned.

Complaints Process

Customers may want to raise a complaint themselves – and if you do decide you want to go it alone you should always ensure that you are able see the process through.

Don’t forget that you can take any rejection to the Financial Ombudsman Services for a final decision!

You Can Only Complain Once

Often people come to us years after they have complained themselves, not realising that a complaint can only be raised once! So its important do to the job right or you can risk losing it all!

However,  if you don’t have the time, energy – or simply don’t feel equipped to deal with such matters, please get in touch now to avoid running out of time, as time barring rules may apply.

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